Rika Stoves

Rika pellets stoves are some of the most advanced high quality pellet stoves money can buy. Manufactured in Austria, Rika pellet stoves are precisely constructed with the finest internal components. Three Chimneys displays the Integra II Insert, the Rika Integra II, and the Rika Visio.

Rika stands behind their product with a two year warranty with an optional five year warranty. With the most advance technology available in the United States, Rika’s patented air sensor technology allows balance for air to fuel ratio at all levels of heat output. Side panels are available in an assortment of colors to fit the décor of your room. The pellet stoves also have a self-cleaning burn-pot mode that can be adjusted to come on at different intervals. A heat exchanger is perhaps the most important part of a pellet stove, after all that is what delivers heat to the room. Rika’s patented heat exchange tubes are 1 ½” in diameter, runs the entire width of the stove, and is made of aircraft grade stainless steel.

The user board allows the operator to control various operations of the pellet stove. It has a seven day programmable timer and is easily connected to a remote thermostat. The board can also be adjusted for optimum burn under various fuel conditions. With a industry leading 145 lb hopper in the Integra II the whisper quiet auger motor runs at 450 rpm’s and steps down to 1.3 rpm’s. The auger shaft inspection plate removes easily for maintenance. The combustion blower is housed in cast aluminum, and has sealed and internally lubricated bearings. A split sheath igniter tested at 5,000 lights will insure that your fuel will ignite the first time.

Kozi Stoves

Pellet stoves are available in all shapes and sizes. The most important thing about a pellet stove is that they are reliable. Sometimes simpler is better. When something is simple to use it creates a comfort level with the product and produces confidence in your purchase. Kozi pellet stoves create a simple yet durable and reliable pellet stove that does exactly what you need it to do and that is produce heat. Kozi manufactures freestanding and insert pellet stoves that are sure to put out lots of heat at an affordable price.

All models have 40,000 BTU outputs that can be controlled thermostatically or by heat temp settings. When you hook a thermostat up to the control board the unit will go to a predetermined high setting when the room calls for heat. When the room has reached the desired temperature the unit goes to a low setting where it stays to maintain temperature until the thermostat calls for heat again. In the heat temp setting you simply set the control board to a desired setting and the stove produces a steady heat output. Kozi features a durable ten tube heat exchanger, 50lb to 280lb hopper depending on model, adjustable draft control for various qualities of fuels, and automatic ignition of pellets. If you would like to burn corn, all models have an optional burn pot conversion kit that allows you to burn corn. Hopper extensions are also available along with other accessories.

With various price points and styles to choose from , Kozi has the stove for you. The Previa is a cast iron stove that is offered in enamel finishes as well as matte black. The Model 100 and the Baywin are steel shelled stoves that are available either as an insert or a freestanding model. The shop heater is a set it and forget type heater with optional 280 lb hopper. Three Chimneys has all models on display for you to see and feel before you buy. Let our hearth professionals educate you on pellet stove technology!

Pellet stoves are a mess free alternative to burning wood. Wood Pellet Stoves are a new and very popular way as a means to provide heat. Pellet Stoves use wood pellets as its primary heat source. These wood pellets are tightly compacted and dense which cause them to be burned very efficiently and powerfully. Pellets usually come from the by-product of sawmills and are very easily transportable due to their size and their weight. These days, the price of fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, and oil are gradually going up, while wood pellets are a very cheap and easy to manufacture resource with a very low pollution rate. In fact, pellet stoves are the cleanest of solid fuel-burning residential heating appliances. With combustion efficiencies of 78-85%, they are also exempt from United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) smoke-emission testing requirements. They are suitable for homes as well as apartments or condominiums. Pellet stoves also qualify for the Energy Tax Credit.

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